Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snake's Legendary Mission Part I By Andre Jones

Snake’s Mission, Part I

Last night was just the way I wanted it. I didn’t do anything except play video games on my Wii and on my lavish black netbook pc. After fully enjoying my wonderful games I decided to play Super Smash Brothers Brawl. While playing, it felt very strange like as if I wasn’t just playing it, but also being hypnotized then I fell into a trance.
“Snake. Snake can you hear me?” questioned the Colonel.
“Yes Colonel. I can hear you just fine.” answered Solid Snake.
“We have an invitation for you in a tournament. Are you familiar with Super Smash Brothers Brawl?” Colonel asked.
“Super Smash Brothers Brawl? Oh that Nintendo thing right?”, questioned Snake.
“Correct! Where are you now?” interrogated Colonel.
“I’m out on this stage hiding in a box it looks Roman.” answered Snake.
“Ah, you’re on a stage called “Kid Icarus” It has the resemblance of a Roman structure. This stage is named after a game of the same name. This was about an angel named Pit that would go and defeat the terrible Medusa. Actually you might get the chance to see Pit if you do just don’t get beaten. Pit’s no joke he is really toughened up a bit. So if you ever do fight him just be careful. You got that?” Colonel responded.
“Got it loud and clear sir!” Snake called back. As Snake responds the Colonel puts a picture of Mario on the screen. He then asks.
“Snake, you know who that is?”
“You’re kidding right? It’s Mario! Speaking of Mario, he’s out here fighting with Link, Kirby, and Pikachu.” Snake answered as if it were an easy question on a first grade math test.
“So I suppose that you’re going to participate in the tournament?” questioned Colonel.
“Yeah I am” Snake answered.
“All right! Well….. This is it, Snake. It’s do or die time. If you win the crew and I will throw a party for you as a celebration. Are you up for it Snake? Oh and my codec frequency is 140.85. You got that?” interrogated Colonel. While loading his guns and weaponry, Snake responds.
“Got it Colonel!” as he comes out of hiding in his box, Snake exclaims in a menacing voice, “IT’S SHOWTIME!”
On the grey battlefield platform, there are Roman pillars with vines growing up them. The sky above turns from day to night and night to day instantly. Everyone is there: Mario, Link, Pikachu, and Kirby. They stare at Snake. He is much taller than them, in a full body suit of armor, and a load of weapons strapped to his body. Mario “combos” Link, and sends him flying across the platform. Snake watches on in disbelief. I could beat these guys without a problem. He tucks his body in and rolls near Kirby. He jumps up and grabs Kirby by the neck. He does a body slam. Kirby flies six feet up in the sky. Kirby’s flight sounds like the wind as he comes down: smash. They begin brawling together with a fierce thrusting throw from Mario to Link. Link is thrown completely off the platform, but somehow manages to make it back on the surface. As soon as Mario tries to blow off a fireball, Snake quickly comes behind him and gets him in a chokehold and forcefully throws him off the surface. Like a sack of potatoes, Mario goes flying off the platform.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” he screams as he explodes to his death. The triforce carrier Link, the electrical pokemon, Pikachu, the hero of Dream Land, Kirby, and now, the legendary Solid Snake, all brawl it out.

I know By Jackson Reid

What Girls Like

Guys with cars
Football players
Basketball players
Track stars
Big Dogs

What Boys Like

Call of Duty
NBA Live
Pretty women
Roller coasters

A Mystery By Matthew Travis McDuffie

A Mystery

What is life
What is death
if I’m incomplete
Where’s the rest?
I feel half
half of what i am.
I feel like the other me
Is not on this land.
I thought about it
long and hard.
my life is a mystery.
Is this what it should be?

What if... By Sasha Richardson

As I sit under this tree,
hiding me from the sun
I wonder what if.
What if I had acted
differently towards you.
What if I choose to
go to sleep under here.
Would it be okay?
What if things don’t work
out for the better?
As I sit under this tree,
hiding me from the sun
I wonder what if…

Bowlow By Craig Collymore


I have a very large room and the first thing I see is my king size bed.
The only thing I share my bed with is my dog, Bowlow.
Bowlow walks into my room, stops, looks, and jumps in my bed.
Bowlow likes to sleep with me, and I feel very protected when I sleep.
I look at him- he looks at me.
When my dog sits,
he is 3 feet high, he is white and grey,
his paws, soft and gushy, are the size of the palm of my hands.
His eyes are brown.
Bowlow barks and howls when the door bell rings.
I think my dog is very protective of me.
When I come home, my dog jumps on me—he stands up to my chest.
I like to come home to see my dog.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Smiling by William Harris

Smiling is infectious you can catch it like the flu
when someone smiled at me I started smiling too

when I passed the corner someone saw my grin
when he smiled I realized I passed it onto him

I thought about that smile and realized its worth
a single smile just like mine could travel round the earth

so if you feel a smile begin don't leave it undetected
lets start an epidemic and get the whole world infected

Love poem by Derick Diaz

Love is the simplest word to explain,
yet so hard to express,
love is blind yet so kind.
It is deceiving
for leaving my heart bleeding.
It yearns for someone new
every time my heart turns blue.
My adrenaline rush
just gets crushed
every time the butterflies come along.
All of the lies from these girls makes me wanna hurl.
It takes so much trust
for me take make a girl a must
then it'll be a plus in my day
when all she has to say to me is hey
and all of my fears go away.
Love, to some its the simplest thing,
but to me that word means everything.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What’s In My Head By Laron Newton

I done know what’s in my head
Color Red
New Paper
a Lion
Hear talking
I see TV
I smile
I see Myself
I write: My Pencil
I see Girl
I hear people laugh
I think about people, good people
People play games
I see the chair
I listen to people come
in the Zone
I see love
David have homework to do
I feeling the room cooling from
the window-
I feel fine

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Love I Feel By Keyana Fraser

The love I feel for my religion.
Looked at Christine and giggled.
I looked at Amy and laughed.
I hurt my thumb.
Ha ha ha oh gosh.
I touch my face and feel happy happy joy joy.
I think of Christ.
I feel the cool breeze.
Hashon touches me with his cold fingers.
Christine asks “what do you hear? What do you see?”
I say, “Hi Victoria.”
Victoria smiles and waves back.
I turn my head left and right.
Listening to David’s cackle
“ Hello La- Ron
Pulling Hashon’s hood off and laugh
He puts it back on and said” Don’t touch the hair” and then gives me a toothy smile
Ms Liz spells” S.M.l.L.E”
David talks a lot
“Do you do that writing “ask Miss Liz”
Miss Liz has beautiful green eyes that sparkly bright like the sun
Amy gives everyone a cheesy smile
I love that the LORD gave us a beautiful blue sky
David says “ Do I really gotta write dat?”
Listening to so many people talking
I push up my beautiful red glasses
Thump Thump I hear from the couches
Hashon has beautiful brown eyes
I am enjoying good times
Thank you Jesus

Back to Square One By David Lehman

I feel normal at home,
it doesn't matter if
my mother's home or not-
she's not doing anything with me.
Sometimes I play playstation or XBOX 360
or draw architecture.
I watch TV too; sometimes
my mom watches TV with me
in the livingroom-usually movies.

On Saturdays, I go to my Dad's house.
That's all about hockey practice and hockey games.

My dad drops me off Sunday night;
he never comes in because
they just start arguing.
My mom asks, "How was your weekend?"
And then we start the week again,
back to square one.

Dark 'n' Light by Devon Troope

I really love cars
I like video games
I like COD
I like uncharted
I love puddles
I love Jordons
I'm gonna miss high school
I miss my PS3
I like my PS3
I like to have an iPod
I wanna get a job
I love girls
I want more money
I love cartoons and anime
I like white shoes
I love my computer
I can't wait till school is over
I love New York City
I want...

I don't like Poems By Hashon Fish

Boom Boom Boom
ha ha
what's that?
you laugh-
cover your face
so funny...funny.

you put your face in your hand.
I don't feel cold-
maybe I got a soul?
it doesn't feel cold to me.

She writes everything i say
ha ha

Don't touch the hair
No it just came out...
I know what a poem is

I hate the poem
a poem's misery, love, and blah, blah, blah

I don't like poems.

Sasha Richardson's Birthday Poem

He has a
white sweater...
he is nice
We are buddies.
He isn't any
regular boy
because I got
to know him.
He is dark skinned,
and always wears
head phones.

I remember
when I first
saw him.
He didn't
to me.
He seemed
He is smiling now.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marbel Pereyra- Slocum Street Sleep

I’m walking down Slocum Street and I see a fire

Put it out with an extinguisher became my desire

I was crying for help like a barking dog

Then my cheeks grew big like a jolly green frog

I saw an opportunity, a cracked window

But I just kept walking until I got to Pindle

But then out of nowhere I heard a loud scream

I felt so guilty because I had fled the scene

So I tried to go back but all my lights went off

But I know I can make it like David Hasselhoff

I tripped and fell while the lady laughed

It made me angry “damn it I’m so mad!”

I was sleeping so deep but my alarm went off

Then I felt both my cheeks “oh my god, they’re soft”

Aneeka Ayyar-“Thangam” Means Gold

The wedding was a huge extravagant celebration full of color and excitement. All the women were dressed in exotic clothing; wearing saris with every design and print I could think of. They were wearing green, red, orange, and lots of purple and indigo. I don’t know why but maybe purple was in style that year. Marigolds and roses were strung across the stage. Two large rose garlands were hanging on a hook. Kala and Sundhar were sitting on the stage wearing expensive clothing and a lot of makeup. The hall was decorated with soft pink paint and pink, white, and yellow roses. I could smell the roses scattered around the hall.

The stage was elevated and three stairs on either side were leading up to it. Everyone was laughing, embracing and telling stories while the musicians played. They played the mruthangam – a loud, Indian drum and the nagaswaram- a clarinet- type instrument but 10 times louder. The priest was telling the bride and groom what steps to perform in order to spend the rest of their lives together.

They were serving idlis, vegetable pulao, and daal rice. Kala’s closest friends had helped to create beautiful white roses arrangements near the dining table. The guests looked around the halls, in the midst of flowers and interesting dishes, sat a lady in the audience smiling. She was sitting in the front row observing only the bride and groom. Simply watching and smiling ever so often.

She had been waiting for her granddaughter to get married. And today, Kala had chosen a husband. During the celebration, all the steps of a traditional Indian wedding took place. The couple said their vows, went around the fire and finally exchanged garlands.

Everybody was happy and clapping, but no one ever knew what going was on in my great-grandmother’s head. I could see the joy in her eyes. She was as happy as she could be. She watched Kala wearing a red sari with a beautiful gold border that glistened in the lights. She was wearing a ton of jewelry. Kala wore a gold necklace and little gold drums on her ears. Every time she turned her head, they shook with a jingle. She had a petite collection of jasmine flowers in her hair. Guests began to look bored after the celebration had been going on for an hour. But my great grandmother was anxiously watching the little girl she helped to nurture, grow into a woman.

The fire was releasing a lot of smoke. The smoke was burning my eyes. So my sister and I went outside. My eyes began to tear and I started to blink faster. I took one last peek at the guests and saw tears on my great-grandmother’s face too. But something told me it wasn’t because of the fire.

Liahshea Nicolas- These Talents of Mine

I was humming “Love” by Keisha Cole, when Taijiun Haskins (the best singer in our grade) overheard me, and asked me to sing to her. I didn’t really want to; I was nervous. Could I make it come out right? I wondered. The other students had left the classroom by then. It was just Taijiun, her friend, Ms. Waldeck, my Algebra teacher and I. I start to sing the song as I collect my books and leave the room. She smiled and walked next to me as I continued singing out into the hallway. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t believe that I was singing to this girl in front of my whole school. The next day in Science class, I was copying lyrics to a song, when Taijiun says, “Hey everyone, did you know that Liahshea could sing?” My heart dipped into my stomach, while the whole class shouted, “Sing something…sing for us.” Mrs. Saunders told everyone to stop, but something inside told me this was my time. I decided to go for it. I sang. I sang one of Rihanna’s songs. Everyone was clapping and smiling. Ever since that day, I changed the way I am in front of others. I overcame my shyness and found singing is one of my passions.

Drawing is another passion of mine. Like singing, I found another way of expressing myself. Mrs. Williams, the only female security guard in our school, asked me to do a portrait of her granddaughter. It would be my fifth paid commissioned artwork. She gave me an 8x10 inch photo, and she wanted me to draw almost 3x4 feet portrait. It was huge, by far the largest one I would ever do. It would be a real challenge, but I knew I had to do it. The day I brought it through the school doors, everyone came up to me to see the portrait rolled up in my arms. The portrait came out looking just like Mrs. Williams’ granddaughter. She fell in love with it. I was so proud of myself. I really accomplished something big. I feel like I was meant to do this, pursue my art. I enjoy drawing and have a talent, but at times, I feel it’s bigger than that, like I was meant to draw because it is such an easy way for me to put a smile on another person’s face.

The power of beatbox fuels my art and singing. It is my third passion, which is another way that I can get that one kid in class to move his feet and forget his troubles. There are four things to know about being a beatboxer. One, there’s the cymbal. It allows the crash to come in. It’s kind of subtle, but likeable. You can’t have a drum set without a cymbal attached. Then there’s the snare. The snare provides the hit; it’s fast and wild, and gets people’s attention. Third, there’s the bass. Without the bass, you have no box to beat. The bass provides the movement, which gets the people started. Last but not least, there’s the breathing. You have to find the moment to breathe. You take short or long breaths depending on the beat. I learned how to beatbox from a performer who came to my school, but like singing and drawing, I found I had a talent for it.

Singing, drawing, and beatboxing are passions of mine. They are an expression of who I am through my voice and my hands. I want to find a college where I will be shown the way to grow as an artist and performer. I want to study my craft to become better at everything I do. And when there is an opportunity to give back to the community, I am the type of person that will go for it, no matter what. I hope you can guide me to develop my passions.

Quwan Lawson- Falling

I remember falling off a bike going at top speed down Washington place in Englewood. I could hear the cycling of other bikes trying to beat me to the bottom of the hill. My shoelace was untied, and it went into the bike chain. My leg followed the chain. My foot got caught. The chain started to rip into my skin. I was going so fast when the chain halted. The bike started to move with me on it. I did some kind of maneuvers. I couldn’t see. There was so much motion. How could this happen to me? The bike hit the ground; my foot was twisted in it. I felt my leg-really really painful. There was blood rushing down my leg into my foot .I tried to get up, but I tumbled down because my leg was in so much pain. There was blood all over the street. My cousin was trying to get my shoelace out of the chain. I saw the white tissue under the layers of my skin. I was in shock. My leg was hurting very badly. My cousin removed my shoelace when he saw a car coming down the block. I saw the car coming too. It was getting closer and closer by the minute. I tried to stop the flow of blood with my shaking hand. I accidentally touched the cut, it stung and burned.
My cousin got on one knee, and he put my arm around his shoulder. He grabbed my torso and safely removed me from the street to the sidewalk. He sat me down on the curve. We limped back to my house while blood rushed from my leg. I felt myself wanting to tear, but i held it in. The accident left a four inch scar, and it reminds me that I can take whatever life throws at me.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dequanique Livingston

Dequanique Livingston

Queen sized bed, medium sized and all mine.
Choosing the day’s outfit,
Rushing quick
Feeling, sleepy, woozy,
Away from my state of mind
In to the trip out of country mind.
Every now and then mind is drifting back,
Back to flashback memories.

Around me, silence rules the kindgdom,
While I hear the wind blow outside,
Whistling through my window.
I return back to realty with only minutes to spare.

John Lopez

John Lopez
My Story

I was on a futon, when the phone rang. Sun coming from the shade. I can barely open my eyes. I answer the phone.
“Hi Dad.”
“Mmmm…listen today you don’t have school, so just stay at Deon’s until I get there.”
I fell back asleep for like ten minutes, when I feel something on my chest. Deon wakes me up for breakfast. She made fish and eggs with mango. I only eat the mango and half of the eggs. The futon is next to the table, and I can barely move. Deon asks me to go to the corner store with her son, Craig. She needs Pepsi and tissues. I tell her “sure” I’ll go.
First we had to stop at one of Craig’s friend’s house to get an “X” box 360 game. We went down the street on the left. Craig was riding his skateboard, and I walked. There were a lot of cars driving by.
When we got to the store, Craig got the Pepsi’s and I went to get the tissues. I looked around the store and had to ask the clerk,
“”where are the tissues?”
“Sorry, we’re out of tissues.”
So we left the store with only Pepsis. There were still a lot of cars when we crossed the street to walk back to the house. I didn’t do much else that day, but it was a good day- better than being in school.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Michael Carrasco

I’m chillin in my living room. It’s not big, but is big enough for the whole family. The walls are sunset orange, with the sky blue ceilings, nice big screen T.V. with dark light violet couches. I am there with friends and family, getting ready to watch the soccer game. We have lots of snacks, bowls filled with Tostitos chips. Enough for the whole family, with the choice of salsa and cheese dips. On the side, are drinks; homemade lemonade and nice cold sodas.

I’m sitting in my favorite u-shaped couch in the “v” with the best view of the T.V. By my side there’s my brother-in-law and sister, Pablo and Yessenia. On my right side, my mom and my step dad, Martina and Mauro. On the end of the couch, is my other sister and her husband, Griselda and Victor. On the other end of the couch are some friends of Pablo’s. don’t know their names, but during the game, everybody is happy and screaming. All the guys are shouting and cursing because of the excitement. The girls yell whatever comes in their minds, when the other team is about to score on our team. It was like a one-on-one match between the goalie and the striker…and in this care, anything could happen.

The referee is not marking the fouls right, I think. Our team is dominating the game from the beginning and it feels good to watch our favorite players. We all get distracted because my mom ordered pizza, and the delivery guy knocks on the door, when our team scored the first goal. Everybody was screaming together at the top of their lungs, “Gooooooaaaaaaallll!!!!!!” Even the pizza guy shouted, “goal.” That was funny…I love chillin with my family like that.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stephan Simmons

Stephan Simmons
My story

Hey, my name is Stephan Simmons. I was born in Paterson, New Jersey. I moved to Englewood, New Jersey when I was in Eighth Grade. Right now I am in high school; I’m a freshman. I love the sport of Basketball. I wan to be the best player in the NBA someday. I want to attend a better high school and go to college too, but unfortunately, my mom is a single parent. My father left me when I was eleven, He moved to North Carolina. I knew he was there, but it was hard for me. I was left in charge- have to look out for me and my sisters. I had to teach myself things my father couldn't. My mother can’t afford to send me a private school. I really want to go to a better school and better myself. I still have faith that I can do it.


I am on way to the Hilton Hotel from basketball camp last summer. I am alone, listening to my Ipod, until I see a tall 6’6” shooting guard, African American with a low cut going into the gym. As I call his name, he looks back and runs inside. I tell myself I have to get in that gym. I walk toward the main entrance and am amazed by the big doors and sparkly clean windows of the Los Angeles Staples Center. I walk through the door and see a big strong security guard with black boots dress pants, and a shirt and tie. He walks over to me and says,
“Young man, what are you doing here this afternoon?”
I look at him with confidence. “My uncle Chris works here. He’s going to take me back to the hotel.” The security guard gives me a strange look, and says, “Christopher Logan is your uncle?” He smiles at me and tells me to go on up and make a right at the top of the stairs.

As I’m walking, I am feeling nervous and my conscious continues telling me that I just lied to this security guard. When I get to the landing, I see the basketball locker room with doors that have LA Lakers written in purple and gold. I get excited and walk inside with my huge cheesy smile. I can’t believe this is happening to me I think as I walk into the LA LAKERS LOCKER ROOM!! The room is quiet. The walls are painted purple and gold with the LA Lakers Logo everywhere. I am amazed by how beautiful the locker room is. I look at a player’s locker and think, Wow!, with my hand over my mouth. I look up and there is the 6’6” player I saw go in earlier. I try to speak, but studder, “Are you Kobe Bryant?” He looks at me and with a straight face, he says, “Yea, what are you doing here?” My stomach tightens, “I am a huge fan and was hoping that I could workout with you. You could help me get better.” He looks at me strangely, his eyebrows coming close together. With a weird smile he says, “ yes, you can work out with me on one condition. You have to work hard.”
“I agree,” I say cheerfully, “YES!!!!!”


I am about to shoot the free throw to win the game. Koby Bryant boxes out, when my mom yells at me and says I have to get out of my comfy bed and warm covers to go downstairs for her to bring up clothes from the dryer. It's all a dream. I do believe it's possible to happen. But it's a rare chance of this coming true. Okay, me meeting Kobe Bryant is probably not going to happen any time soon, but me going to a Division I college- I belive I can achieve that task (who knows, maybe the NBA too). Unfortuantely, I don't have the money to go to expensive camps in California or New jersey. Everyday, since I am twelve years old, I have played basketball in the park. I practice important shots like: mid-range shots, 3 point shots, and lay-ups. Most of the time it's just me at the park, sometimes my friend is there. That's all.

My classmates from Middle School used to tell me that I would never be anything, and definitely not go to the NBA. I used feel like tearing. I took that to heart. Then I became determined. It made me practice harder and harder. I take my school work very seriously too, so that I can get into a good college and achieve my dreams.

To the person reading this, I want to prove eveybody who told me I couldn't do it that- I CAN. I hope you see what separates me from the rest of the writers. I don't have nothing, but me and my dream.

Andre Jones

Andre Jones
My Story

Last night was just the way I wanted it. I didn’t do anything except by playing video games on my WII and on my lavish block netbook pc. After fully enjoying my wonderful games I decided to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl. As I played and played I fell into a trance. It felt very strange like as if I wasn’t just being watched but also being hypnotized.

“Snake. Snake can you hear me?” questioned the Colonel.
“Yes Colonel. I can hear you just fine.” Answered the solid snake.
“We have an invitation for a tournament for Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Where are you?” asks Colonel.
“I’m out on the battlefield stage hiding in a box.” Exclaimed Solid Snake. As Colonel puts a picture of Mario on the screen, he asks,
“Snake, You know who that is?”
“You’re kidding right? It’s Mario! Speaking of Mario, he’s out here fighting with Link, Kirby, and Pikachu.” Answered Solid Snake.
“Ah yes the battlefield. It’s just a solid platform with three stepping stone-like platforms. You can phase through,” said the Colonel.
“”You know Colonel, it’s kind of Roman looking. It’s like the Roman Collesium landscape.” Explained Snake.
“Snake, are you going to participate in the battle?”questioned Colonel.
“yeah, I am.” Answered Snake.
“All right. The rest of the crew and I will be cheering for you. When you win, we’ll throw you a party! Remember if you need me, my code frequency is 140.85. You got that?’ asked Colonel.
While loading his guns and preparing his weapondry, Snake responds,
“Yes, Colonel. Got it!” Snake moves out screaming in a menacing voice,
“I’m going in. IT’S SHOWTIME!”

Finally out of the box, snake comes out. Everyone: Mario, Link, Pickachu and Kirby stare at him. They all begin to brawl again. With a powerful throw from Mario to Link, Mario almost throws Link off the platform. Almost off, Link comes back on the platform. As soon as Mario is going to punch Snake, Snake grabs Mario in a choke hold and forcefully throws him off.
“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH” Mario screams falling away from the platform.

As Mario flies off of the platform into the air, he explodes. Now the remaining three, the triforce carrier, Link, the electrical pokeman, Pickachu, the hero of Kirby Land, and the Legend-Snake, brawl it out. Link cuts Snake, “Ah,” he groans. Snake takes out his remote control missile launcher, the Nikkitta, and shoots Link. Due to the shot, the triforce carrier rockets into the air and off the platform. Like Mario, Link explodes.

As soon as Snake turns around a thunderbolt strikes him by Pickachu. The shocking force is so powerful that he immediately shoots off the platform straight into the sky. He falls like a 500-pound weight. He falls hard on the concrete platform. He falls hard on his back. Kirby grabs the cracker launch and like a madman, fires the big barrel looking gun as if it were a cannon sending fireworks all over the place. Hastily he rushes, continuously dodging the firecrackers, Snake grabs Kirby and body slams on his head like a wrestler. In a blink of an eye, a rainbow color-shifting ball floats around in the air like a bee. The humidity of the stage and the exhausting battle is wearing out Snake. He is tired.
I can’t have a break now, Snake thinks to himself. I have to beat these guys! Snake hurries to the smash ball, continuously whacks at it, and breaks it apart. All of a sudden, Snake is illuminated with the same shifting, color glow around him. The color of his eyes change from brown to yellow. He looks at his hands, “Woah!” he exclaims. For a good minute Kirby and Pickachu stare at Snake. Everything stops for that moment. Then Kirby and Pickachu dash straight for him for the final brawl

Ariel Mora

My Story
Ariel Mora

On my bed not ready to get up for school. Being in school for almost four hours is pointless. Slept for a couple more minutes. My grandfather says, “Its time for school, wake up!” Stressed, tired, pointless and helpless are words that crossed my mind. I got up brushed my teeth, took a shower, and ate cereal. Resting on the couch before I head out to school. There I was, watching a statue of an elephant next to the television. His head is facing the living room and the backyard (house) while his behind is facing the door. It symbolizes for bad vibe to stay out the door. Then something else caught my eye. In the news, they were stating a possible storm heading on the east coast. “Boom. Boom. Boom.” Somebody was banging on the door. My grandmother checked to see who it was, but nobody was there. I thought in my head “people are so ignorant”.

Amber Diaz

Amber Diaz

Dwight Morrow courtyard
spacious, open, damp
almost unbreathable air, cold and humid,
fresh “after-rain’ smell.
Gray skies,
match the concrete plates beneath her feet,
first signs of life after winter,
being to spear just ‘away’ off,
giving the bleakness of today

Letter Poem
Amber Diaz

Dear Nivana Frontman, Kurt Cobain,
I have always draw inspiration from your creation if we had the chance
I would/should have told you that your situation doesn’t determine your identification. But in retaliation, you cut off your incarnation.
deflated out
I first heard your music over sushi and chai tea.
It spoke to me
It impacted my education
My determination
The color royal, purple also peaks.
It tells me I’m a empress.
If it really knew me, it would know that I’d sooner be a pauper
As I can’t handle much responsibility
Like you

"Where I'm From" (modeled after George Ella Lyons)
Amber Diaz

I am from the pages of the fanciful literature
which lines the walls in my room.
From undulating colors cerulean/fushia/dandelion
And long dead poets.

I am from a pew in my church, the church of Jesus Christ,
From eternal sunshine of spotless minds.
I am from the beathes pastor,
Which presses itself against otherwise lonely walls.

I am from the katia laughter and brodericks enthusiastic curiousity
I am from friendships old and new near and far in the middle I hold on to them.
I am from Robert Frost and his path less traveled
I am from Egdar Allen Poe, and a stately raven who remarks, “never more!”
I am from myths, tall tales and folklore
I am from hope for the future, and seeing what else is in store
Amber doll.

David Jimenez

David Jimenez
My World

Here I sit bored as hell.
In a colorful room near a bell.
Weird kids sit by my side
But in my world I’m on a ride.
My world has kids with nappy hair
the eyes of a snake and the roar of a bear.
The kids are in many sizes
But I’m the one with all the prizes

Craig Collymore

She is nice.
long hair
at her house


Craig Collymore
Narrative Poem

This morning I got stuck in school.
I’m in the cafeteria because I came too early to school.
And I am sitting in a chair.
People are behind me.
No teacher.
And I was sittin’ in a very uncomfortable chair.
8:50 the time all the way to 11 o’clock.
I was so bored.
My head down,
And it was quiet.
And then my hands on top and shoulders melt
on the table.
I couldn’t see anyone.
And I can hear whispering to people.
And there were other people.
I feel tired.
And fall asleep.
I watched TV late night,last night
I felt tired.
And go to sleep.

Aja Johnson

Aja Johnson

The sky talks to me everyday.
It tells me to wake up.
By smiling in a way.
At times the sky will be mad and cry.
Then it rains time after time.
Is the sky angry or upset?
The sky is not mean I bet.
It needs time to clean its mind.
It gives us different weather as a sign.
After a while, the sky becomes at peace.
While the smiling sun comes to a decrease
The sky is at is rest.
The stars and moon are shining their best
The moon says goodnight and stars goodbye.
A communication with the sky
Will end this day and begin this night.


Letter Poem
Aja Johnson

Dear Aja,
I never told you that I wanted to become a doctor. If you knew me you would now my favorite color is sky blue and favorite food is French fries from McDonalds, the best I ever had. I don’t like everything that knocks you down. Get back up from what everyone else likes.

Clock is ticking.

From, Aja

Jamani Fahie

Jamani Fahie
My Story

I have had many ups and downs in my life. I can get really really upset, to the point where I don't know who I am anymore. I used to think that the world was a perfect thing, nothing wrong with it. About a year ago, something drastic happened to me that changed my life forever. Now as I get older, I see that life is a lot of bad, and fast down hill.

She had been in a NY hospital, many times. She has cancer, bone marrow cancer. My dad and I wait in the Brooklyn Hospital waiting room. Stiff plastic chairs and hard white lights. She walks out to us. My dad buys food from a vendor outside. I don’t remember what we ate, but she sat and ate. She seemed better. I remember she took off her jacket to go to the bathroom, like we were in some kind of restaurant.
“I threw up,” she says. When she returns.
“You okay?’ I ask.
“Yea- just want to go home,” she says. A van picks us up to take us home.

Later on we are talking while watching movies in her bed. My dad is asleep, as usual, and he is snoring pretty badly from his bed next to us. She and I talk until I fall asleep with the TV on, her by my side.

I wake up to a silent room, except for the soft rain outside my window. The light is coming in from outside and the TV is off. She must have shut it off after I went to sleep.

I don’t like the way she feels next to me this morning-different. I touch her lightly and she doesn’t move. She feels hard and cold. She’s not breathing. I am in shock. I’m not really breathing. I look at her again. She has mucus coming out of her mouth and nose. I call my mom for help since she’s a nurse.
“What does it mean when a person’s fingertips are blue?” I ask.
“She’s not breathing and her fingertips are blue? She’s passed away, honey,” my mom says. “I hope you are okay,” she says to me.
I start to push her to wake up.
“Pam, Wake up,” I shout. My dad is hysterical, pacing back and fourth, and crying.
“Pam, wake up.” I say pushing her, but she doesn’t wake up.
I call the police.
“I think my step mom has passed,” I say.

The police arrive a half hour later and wrap up her body. They say it’s “standard procedure.”

I was very close to my stepmom, Pam. We slept in the same bed together and she looked out for me when I came to visit. I wondered what would happen to me because my dad had jobs, but he didn't keep em. Pam worked until she was too sick. But even when she couldn't work anymore, she got checks and figured out how to take care of us. I'm afraid of another close one leaving me, and going awsy forever. I still see my dad, but not that often. I still live with my mom- and she does everything, but I still think about my past.

It would mean a lot to me to win this competition. I can't remember ever winning anything.
“I wake up from dreams and go "Wow, put this down on paper." The whole thing is strange. You hear the words, everything is right there in front of your face . . .”

Sonny Mulchandani

Sonny Mulchandani
Where I’m From (modeled after George Ella Lyons’ poem)

I am from Vanita and Deepak.
I’m from the lovely glistening lake on the Academies campus
(the cool moist breeze in the air),
from the makani chicken and burritos,
the thrilling taste that I remember.
The feeling of delight as the cocunut cream touches my tongue.

I am from playing chess at Englewood Cliffs Senior Center
And giving food to the homeless, my biodmedicine class.
I am from playing tennis,
For which I have longed.
I am from, “Watch your thoughts for they become words, watch your words for they become actions, watch your actions for they become habits, watch your habits, for they become character, watch your character for it becomes your destiny.”

I am from Garden State Plaza,
(Hollister, Abercombie, and Guess).
I am from my Nani and Nana, my mama and mami,
From Anil, Jatin and Susu (the cousins that I love from the bottom of my heart),
From dil he darkan namara zindiki ki roshani he.

On the bottom shelf of my bedside table,
There is my dark green binder which contains my grades
From Memorial Middle School.
I am from all those special places that bring a smile
And laughter on my face.


Sonny Mulchandani
Fiction Story

The boy is in a deep state of unconciousness under a large white cargo truck in the parking lot of the Pathmark Shopping Complex on Route 17 in New Jersey. The boy’s eyes begin to focus. In the background, he hears something faint, yet it is dramatic, like a scream.


The boy climbs out from under the truck. He sees his mother crying while sitting on the curb of the sidewalk. He has to get to her, he thinks. Her hair is blowing against the breeze. He can see her tears pouring down her face as he inches closer. She keeps sobbing and says faintly, “Sonny.”

At that moment, the boy sees his bloody knee, but finds the strength to bring himself up to his feet. He doesn’t care about the pain, and limps to his mother. The boy’s face is covered with dirt and scratches. His mother ‘s mascara has made black streaks across her cheeks, and her eyes are blood red. The boy falls into her arms and hugs her tight.

He can hear the operator answer the call, “911, what is your emergency?’

Bianca Moye

Bianca Moye
"Where I’m From" (modeled after George Ella Lyons, Where I’m from)

I am from the Toshiba plasma screen tv,
From the knitted baby blanket and Gerber sippy cup
(warm, soft with red firetrucks),
I am from 86 Demarest Avenue,
Bright red Grandpa Larry’s favorite color.

I’m from Playstation 2 and dual shock.
From Brandon and Baisha.
I’m from Uncle Bubblicious,

From “Time waits on no man,”
And, “Try hard!”
I’m from a lot of people talking
But nothing important to me.
I’m from the oxygen channel, “Live out Loud.”

I’m from Grandma Ellois’s big red stoop,
Roast turkey and sweet potatoes.
From the day Grandma Ellois didn’t know me anymore,
To finding Missy dead under the bed.

I always see the beat up brown door,
The door that doesn’t lead inside or outside.
That door holds a lot of memories.
And I am from them all.


Bianca Moye
My Story

The girl sits in the first row of Mr. Signorelli’s Chemistry Class, on a long wooden table to the far right. The room is not too hot and not too cold. The walls are white and plain. The girl sits quietly, as the other students talk about last night’s homework. The teacher’s voice is loud and lively. Slowly her vision becomes blurry and her mind zones out. The girl can no longer hear him. The girl wonders what in the world is happening. The girl never fell asleep in class before. The girl puts her elbow on the table, puts her heavy head into her hands. The girl stretches out on her bed, facing the television. The room is dark. There are clothes on the floor, old food on the table, and oatmeal from yesterday morning.

Alondra kelly

Alondra Kelly
My Story

By Eighth grade I started to like books, but I had never really read a lot before. I never really found it interesting. I never really tell anybody, but I have Dyslexia, so reading is hard for me. I’m not ashamed or anything, but…I had a lot of help when I was younger from my grandmother. She is a teacher. She spent a lot of time with me because she just wanted me to read- not to be inconvenienced in life.

My mom is very wise and reads a lot of books. My mom’s an avid reader. “Runs in families,” she says. When she was pregnant with me, she read over 100 books!
“I have this book, and I was thinking of you. They don’t have it at the Englewood library. The only way I could get it was by ordering it online.” I thought about her buying this book for me. She had to use her credit card. She must really want me to read it, I thought.

She gave me the book, and I took it and kept it in my closet. But I didn’t want to take the time to read it. It sat on top of my dresser in my closet for one month. One day I was dying of boredom. Not knowing what to do, staring at the top of my closet, I see the purple cover of the book. It attracts my eye, and I pick it up and start reading. I read the first 30 pages and ran into my mom’s room. “This book is so good!’ I screamed. I could barely put it down after I got started.

Ever since then, I have read a lot of books. Coldest Winter Ever is the book that got me started reading. I love when a book really moves me. I usually get the books from the library, but sometimes, they are so good, I have to own them. I have bought No Disrespect by Sister Souljah, Autobiography of Malcom X, and China Black by Keisha Irving.

If you want more recommendations, just ask me. I have lots more books to talk to you about. I even help the librarian at school and in town with their orders. I am a reader now.

Samantha Martinez

Samantha Martinez
My Story

Two Years ago, my mother and I were shopping around the neighborhood, and we walked into a store front. It was really a Tae Kwon Do, "Dojang." I was amazed as I watched the younger kids, literally half my size, kicking and doing side-splits, but I didnt want to do it, eventhough my mother pleaded for me to try it. Master Lee convinced me to at least have a trial class, and I accepted. At first I hated it: I was Sore all over, I couldnt breathe, and I felt like an outsider with the other students. After a week had passed, my Father heard the news and forced me to go to another class, where I recieved my beginer uniform. This was the beginning of a whole new world.

I toss and turn in the covers, but every corner of my room is filled with sunlight.I struggle opening my eyes. I open my eyes, thinking, why is the sun so bright? I shut my eyes slowly. My eyelids turn orange as the light infiltrates my peace.

I open my eyes, move the covers, and feel a bombshell of freezing air hitting my once warm and snug body. I kick my feet around the bed and sit up, only to stand up and feel my knees quiver against each other.

I shove my hand on my eye, feeling my eyelashes on my eyelids. I open my mouth taking in a pound of air. I breathe out slowly. I glance at the mirror that is reflecting my white cotton tae kwon uniform with the black belt hanging by a hook next to it. I turn around walking towards it taking heavy breaths with each step. I look at the uniform smiling. I turn the handle down, heaving the cracks of the door, feeling my heart race but with no pulse! Sliding the door open, I hear the shuffling of paper falling on the floor. There it is a bright white envelope. I begin tearing up the side of the envelope with every rip sounding like the wild crowd chanting my Name "Samantha!" -RIP-"Samantha!"-RIP- I finally throw the side and I see a gold paper with inprinted designs. My Heart skipps a beat with every tug it takes to remove it from the enevelope. Boom... Boom... Boom.. Finally I become numb as I begin to read my name in the Olympic Colors and Font "Samantha Martinez" As I open the Letter I couldn't blink, breathe, move. In this dream, I have been selected as one of USA Olympic Team for Tae Kwon Do. In this dream, I am flying to London with my coach and team. It is a dream I want to realize.

I recieved my white belt a month after I started practicing. It was the happiest moment of my life. At the time the 2008 Beijing Olympics had begun, I watched Steven Lopez win the Olympic Medal for U.S.A. I fell in Love with the Sport and spoke with my Master about sparring with him for the first time. I was a yellow belt. It was an hour long battle, and I Lost.A Yellow can never beat a Black Belt. After the Battle I was physically dead, but the mere rush was more inviting than any other thing in the world. It has opened my eyes and I never want them shut!

Where I’m From (modeled after George Ella Lyons)
Samantha Martinez

I am from the corner store at 164th Street
From the cheese doodles and $0.05 bubble gum (Bubbalicious)
I am from the United Martial Arts (Yes I can)
I am from the 5th belt out of ten (blue)
From the park filled with dinosaur bones.
I’m from lasagna and aroz con dulce
I’m from the Roundhouse and snap kicks
From the “no me diga!” and the “Ay Tana!”
I’m from the lady who was dressed with the sun and the moon on her feet and crowned with 12 stars.
With the rosary of the unborn
And the seven Hail Mary’s in the Lake of Tears
I’m from Olegaria and Colonel Martinez.
Lasagna con platanas and aroz blaco con “Guandules"
From the day I found his socks in drawer but he told me he was leaving.
The ring that was left on the counter.
The shelf filled with the medals behind my closet door
The nails that hold up the belts making a tae kwon do rainbow that lay over my bed.

Stephanie Nazario

Stephanie Nazario”s
“Where I’m From” (modeled after George Ella Lyons poem)

I am from Tokio Hotel
From monsoon and Zimmer 483
I am from my past
From 2445 Dayton Ave.
I am from the land
Where palm trees
Sway with the wind.

I’m from chocolate and eyeliner,
from Hershey and Sephora
I’m from the “drop kick you!”
and the” get away from me!”
from the “gringa” and “coculo”
with a promising gift
and a wonderful miracle.

I’m from Newark and Union
bachata y arroz
from the day he walked out the red door,
to when I had to say goodbye.

The diary under my bed,
the tales of my life,
on weathered pages-
the memories are mine.