Sunday, April 25, 2010

Andre Jones

Andre Jones
My Story

Last night was just the way I wanted it. I didn’t do anything except by playing video games on my WII and on my lavish block netbook pc. After fully enjoying my wonderful games I decided to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl. As I played and played I fell into a trance. It felt very strange like as if I wasn’t just being watched but also being hypnotized.

“Snake. Snake can you hear me?” questioned the Colonel.
“Yes Colonel. I can hear you just fine.” Answered the solid snake.
“We have an invitation for a tournament for Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Where are you?” asks Colonel.
“I’m out on the battlefield stage hiding in a box.” Exclaimed Solid Snake. As Colonel puts a picture of Mario on the screen, he asks,
“Snake, You know who that is?”
“You’re kidding right? It’s Mario! Speaking of Mario, he’s out here fighting with Link, Kirby, and Pikachu.” Answered Solid Snake.
“Ah yes the battlefield. It’s just a solid platform with three stepping stone-like platforms. You can phase through,” said the Colonel.
“”You know Colonel, it’s kind of Roman looking. It’s like the Roman Collesium landscape.” Explained Snake.
“Snake, are you going to participate in the battle?”questioned Colonel.
“yeah, I am.” Answered Snake.
“All right. The rest of the crew and I will be cheering for you. When you win, we’ll throw you a party! Remember if you need me, my code frequency is 140.85. You got that?’ asked Colonel.
While loading his guns and preparing his weapondry, Snake responds,
“Yes, Colonel. Got it!” Snake moves out screaming in a menacing voice,
“I’m going in. IT’S SHOWTIME!”

Finally out of the box, snake comes out. Everyone: Mario, Link, Pickachu and Kirby stare at him. They all begin to brawl again. With a powerful throw from Mario to Link, Mario almost throws Link off the platform. Almost off, Link comes back on the platform. As soon as Mario is going to punch Snake, Snake grabs Mario in a choke hold and forcefully throws him off.
“AAAAAAAAHHHHHH” Mario screams falling away from the platform.

As Mario flies off of the platform into the air, he explodes. Now the remaining three, the triforce carrier, Link, the electrical pokeman, Pickachu, the hero of Kirby Land, and the Legend-Snake, brawl it out. Link cuts Snake, “Ah,” he groans. Snake takes out his remote control missile launcher, the Nikkitta, and shoots Link. Due to the shot, the triforce carrier rockets into the air and off the platform. Like Mario, Link explodes.

As soon as Snake turns around a thunderbolt strikes him by Pickachu. The shocking force is so powerful that he immediately shoots off the platform straight into the sky. He falls like a 500-pound weight. He falls hard on the concrete platform. He falls hard on his back. Kirby grabs the cracker launch and like a madman, fires the big barrel looking gun as if it were a cannon sending fireworks all over the place. Hastily he rushes, continuously dodging the firecrackers, Snake grabs Kirby and body slams on his head like a wrestler. In a blink of an eye, a rainbow color-shifting ball floats around in the air like a bee. The humidity of the stage and the exhausting battle is wearing out Snake. He is tired.
I can’t have a break now, Snake thinks to himself. I have to beat these guys! Snake hurries to the smash ball, continuously whacks at it, and breaks it apart. All of a sudden, Snake is illuminated with the same shifting, color glow around him. The color of his eyes change from brown to yellow. He looks at his hands, “Woah!” he exclaims. For a good minute Kirby and Pickachu stare at Snake. Everything stops for that moment. Then Kirby and Pickachu dash straight for him for the final brawl

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