Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bowlow By Craig Collymore


I have a very large room and the first thing I see is my king size bed.
The only thing I share my bed with is my dog, Bowlow.
Bowlow walks into my room, stops, looks, and jumps in my bed.
Bowlow likes to sleep with me, and I feel very protected when I sleep.
I look at him- he looks at me.
When my dog sits,
he is 3 feet high, he is white and grey,
his paws, soft and gushy, are the size of the palm of my hands.
His eyes are brown.
Bowlow barks and howls when the door bell rings.
I think my dog is very protective of me.
When I come home, my dog jumps on me—he stands up to my chest.
I like to come home to see my dog.

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