Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aja Johnson

Aja Johnson

The sky talks to me everyday.
It tells me to wake up.
By smiling in a way.
At times the sky will be mad and cry.
Then it rains time after time.
Is the sky angry or upset?
The sky is not mean I bet.
It needs time to clean its mind.
It gives us different weather as a sign.
After a while, the sky becomes at peace.
While the smiling sun comes to a decrease
The sky is at is rest.
The stars and moon are shining their best
The moon says goodnight and stars goodbye.
A communication with the sky
Will end this day and begin this night.


Letter Poem
Aja Johnson

Dear Aja,
I never told you that I wanted to become a doctor. If you knew me you would now my favorite color is sky blue and favorite food is French fries from McDonalds, the best I ever had. I don’t like everything that knocks you down. Get back up from what everyone else likes.

Clock is ticking.

From, Aja

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