Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Love I Feel By Keyana Fraser

The love I feel for my religion.
Looked at Christine and giggled.
I looked at Amy and laughed.
I hurt my thumb.
Ha ha ha oh gosh.
I touch my face and feel happy happy joy joy.
I think of Christ.
I feel the cool breeze.
Hashon touches me with his cold fingers.
Christine asks “what do you hear? What do you see?”
I say, “Hi Victoria.”
Victoria smiles and waves back.
I turn my head left and right.
Listening to David’s cackle
“ Hello La- Ron
Pulling Hashon’s hood off and laugh
He puts it back on and said” Don’t touch the hair” and then gives me a toothy smile
Ms Liz spells” S.M.l.L.E”
David talks a lot
“Do you do that writing “ask Miss Liz”
Miss Liz has beautiful green eyes that sparkly bright like the sun
Amy gives everyone a cheesy smile
I love that the LORD gave us a beautiful blue sky
David says “ Do I really gotta write dat?”
Listening to so many people talking
I push up my beautiful red glasses
Thump Thump I hear from the couches
Hashon has beautiful brown eyes
I am enjoying good times
Thank you Jesus

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