Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Love I Feel By Keyana Fraser

The love I feel for my religion.
Looked at Christine and giggled.
I looked at Amy and laughed.
I hurt my thumb.
Ha ha ha oh gosh.
I touch my face and feel happy happy joy joy.
I think of Christ.
I feel the cool breeze.
Hashon touches me with his cold fingers.
Christine asks “what do you hear? What do you see?”
I say, “Hi Victoria.”
Victoria smiles and waves back.
I turn my head left and right.
Listening to David’s cackle
“ Hello La- Ron
Pulling Hashon’s hood off and laugh
He puts it back on and said” Don’t touch the hair” and then gives me a toothy smile
Ms Liz spells” S.M.l.L.E”
David talks a lot
“Do you do that writing “ask Miss Liz”
Miss Liz has beautiful green eyes that sparkly bright like the sun
Amy gives everyone a cheesy smile
I love that the LORD gave us a beautiful blue sky
David says “ Do I really gotta write dat?”
Listening to so many people talking
I push up my beautiful red glasses
Thump Thump I hear from the couches
Hashon has beautiful brown eyes
I am enjoying good times
Thank you Jesus

Back to Square One By David Lehman

I feel normal at home,
it doesn't matter if
my mother's home or not-
she's not doing anything with me.
Sometimes I play playstation or XBOX 360
or draw architecture.
I watch TV too; sometimes
my mom watches TV with me
in the livingroom-usually movies.

On Saturdays, I go to my Dad's house.
That's all about hockey practice and hockey games.

My dad drops me off Sunday night;
he never comes in because
they just start arguing.
My mom asks, "How was your weekend?"
And then we start the week again,
back to square one.

Dark 'n' Light by Devon Troope

I really love cars
I like video games
I like COD
I like uncharted
I love puddles
I love Jordons
I'm gonna miss high school
I miss my PS3
I like my PS3
I like to have an iPod
I wanna get a job
I love girls
I want more money
I love cartoons and anime
I like white shoes
I love my computer
I can't wait till school is over
I love New York City
I want...

I don't like Poems By Hashon Fish

Boom Boom Boom
ha ha
what's that?
you laugh-
cover your face
so funny...funny.

you put your face in your hand.
I don't feel cold-
maybe I got a soul?
it doesn't feel cold to me.

She writes everything i say
ha ha

Don't touch the hair
No it just came out...
I know what a poem is

I hate the poem
a poem's misery, love, and blah, blah, blah

I don't like poems.

Sasha Richardson's Birthday Poem

He has a
white sweater...
he is nice
We are buddies.
He isn't any
regular boy
because I got
to know him.
He is dark skinned,
and always wears
head phones.

I remember
when I first
saw him.
He didn't
to me.
He seemed
He is smiling now.