Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stephan Simmons

Stephan Simmons
My story

Hey, my name is Stephan Simmons. I was born in Paterson, New Jersey. I moved to Englewood, New Jersey when I was in Eighth Grade. Right now I am in high school; I’m a freshman. I love the sport of Basketball. I wan to be the best player in the NBA someday. I want to attend a better high school and go to college too, but unfortunately, my mom is a single parent. My father left me when I was eleven, He moved to North Carolina. I knew he was there, but it was hard for me. I was left in charge- have to look out for me and my sisters. I had to teach myself things my father couldn't. My mother can’t afford to send me a private school. I really want to go to a better school and better myself. I still have faith that I can do it.


I am on way to the Hilton Hotel from basketball camp last summer. I am alone, listening to my Ipod, until I see a tall 6’6” shooting guard, African American with a low cut going into the gym. As I call his name, he looks back and runs inside. I tell myself I have to get in that gym. I walk toward the main entrance and am amazed by the big doors and sparkly clean windows of the Los Angeles Staples Center. I walk through the door and see a big strong security guard with black boots dress pants, and a shirt and tie. He walks over to me and says,
“Young man, what are you doing here this afternoon?”
I look at him with confidence. “My uncle Chris works here. He’s going to take me back to the hotel.” The security guard gives me a strange look, and says, “Christopher Logan is your uncle?” He smiles at me and tells me to go on up and make a right at the top of the stairs.

As I’m walking, I am feeling nervous and my conscious continues telling me that I just lied to this security guard. When I get to the landing, I see the basketball locker room with doors that have LA Lakers written in purple and gold. I get excited and walk inside with my huge cheesy smile. I can’t believe this is happening to me I think as I walk into the LA LAKERS LOCKER ROOM!! The room is quiet. The walls are painted purple and gold with the LA Lakers Logo everywhere. I am amazed by how beautiful the locker room is. I look at a player’s locker and think, Wow!, with my hand over my mouth. I look up and there is the 6’6” player I saw go in earlier. I try to speak, but studder, “Are you Kobe Bryant?” He looks at me and with a straight face, he says, “Yea, what are you doing here?” My stomach tightens, “I am a huge fan and was hoping that I could workout with you. You could help me get better.” He looks at me strangely, his eyebrows coming close together. With a weird smile he says, “ yes, you can work out with me on one condition. You have to work hard.”
“I agree,” I say cheerfully, “YES!!!!!”


I am about to shoot the free throw to win the game. Koby Bryant boxes out, when my mom yells at me and says I have to get out of my comfy bed and warm covers to go downstairs for her to bring up clothes from the dryer. It's all a dream. I do believe it's possible to happen. But it's a rare chance of this coming true. Okay, me meeting Kobe Bryant is probably not going to happen any time soon, but me going to a Division I college- I belive I can achieve that task (who knows, maybe the NBA too). Unfortuantely, I don't have the money to go to expensive camps in California or New jersey. Everyday, since I am twelve years old, I have played basketball in the park. I practice important shots like: mid-range shots, 3 point shots, and lay-ups. Most of the time it's just me at the park, sometimes my friend is there. That's all.

My classmates from Middle School used to tell me that I would never be anything, and definitely not go to the NBA. I used feel like tearing. I took that to heart. Then I became determined. It made me practice harder and harder. I take my school work very seriously too, so that I can get into a good college and achieve my dreams.

To the person reading this, I want to prove eveybody who told me I couldn't do it that- I CAN. I hope you see what separates me from the rest of the writers. I don't have nothing, but me and my dream.


  1. If your school has got you guys musing at lunchtime, it's got something real good going for it.

    As an about to be published for the first time author at age 45, I can tell you that, with hard work and some serious belief in yourself - and a willingness to learn -- you can ALWAYS get where you're going. I look forward to keeping up with this blog and reading many interesting voices, yours among them Stephan.

    Good luck!

    Gae Polisner
    The Pull of Gravity, spring 2011

  2. and i had no idea dang yo this is nice nice nice. if we keep working were gonna be great teammates