Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stephanie Nazario

Stephanie Nazario”s
“Where I’m From” (modeled after George Ella Lyons poem)

I am from Tokio Hotel
From monsoon and Zimmer 483
I am from my past
From 2445 Dayton Ave.
I am from the land
Where palm trees
Sway with the wind.

I’m from chocolate and eyeliner,
from Hershey and Sephora
I’m from the “drop kick you!”
and the” get away from me!”
from the “gringa” and “coculo”
with a promising gift
and a wonderful miracle.

I’m from Newark and Union
bachata y arroz
from the day he walked out the red door,
to when I had to say goodbye.

The diary under my bed,
the tales of my life,
on weathered pages-
the memories are mine.

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