Sunday, April 25, 2010

Amber Diaz

Amber Diaz

Dwight Morrow courtyard
spacious, open, damp
almost unbreathable air, cold and humid,
fresh “after-rain’ smell.
Gray skies,
match the concrete plates beneath her feet,
first signs of life after winter,
being to spear just ‘away’ off,
giving the bleakness of today

Letter Poem
Amber Diaz

Dear Nivana Frontman, Kurt Cobain,
I have always draw inspiration from your creation if we had the chance
I would/should have told you that your situation doesn’t determine your identification. But in retaliation, you cut off your incarnation.
deflated out
I first heard your music over sushi and chai tea.
It spoke to me
It impacted my education
My determination
The color royal, purple also peaks.
It tells me I’m a empress.
If it really knew me, it would know that I’d sooner be a pauper
As I can’t handle much responsibility
Like you

"Where I'm From" (modeled after George Ella Lyons)
Amber Diaz

I am from the pages of the fanciful literature
which lines the walls in my room.
From undulating colors cerulean/fushia/dandelion
And long dead poets.

I am from a pew in my church, the church of Jesus Christ,
From eternal sunshine of spotless minds.
I am from the beathes pastor,
Which presses itself against otherwise lonely walls.

I am from the katia laughter and brodericks enthusiastic curiousity
I am from friendships old and new near and far in the middle I hold on to them.
I am from Robert Frost and his path less traveled
I am from Egdar Allen Poe, and a stately raven who remarks, “never more!”
I am from myths, tall tales and folklore
I am from hope for the future, and seeing what else is in store
Amber doll.

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