Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bianca Moye

Bianca Moye
"Where I’m From" (modeled after George Ella Lyons, Where I’m from)

I am from the Toshiba plasma screen tv,
From the knitted baby blanket and Gerber sippy cup
(warm, soft with red firetrucks),
I am from 86 Demarest Avenue,
Bright red Grandpa Larry’s favorite color.

I’m from Playstation 2 and dual shock.
From Brandon and Baisha.
I’m from Uncle Bubblicious,

From “Time waits on no man,”
And, “Try hard!”
I’m from a lot of people talking
But nothing important to me.
I’m from the oxygen channel, “Live out Loud.”

I’m from Grandma Ellois’s big red stoop,
Roast turkey and sweet potatoes.
From the day Grandma Ellois didn’t know me anymore,
To finding Missy dead under the bed.

I always see the beat up brown door,
The door that doesn’t lead inside or outside.
That door holds a lot of memories.
And I am from them all.


Bianca Moye
My Story

The girl sits in the first row of Mr. Signorelli’s Chemistry Class, on a long wooden table to the far right. The room is not too hot and not too cold. The walls are white and plain. The girl sits quietly, as the other students talk about last night’s homework. The teacher’s voice is loud and lively. Slowly her vision becomes blurry and her mind zones out. The girl can no longer hear him. The girl wonders what in the world is happening. The girl never fell asleep in class before. The girl puts her elbow on the table, puts her heavy head into her hands. The girl stretches out on her bed, facing the television. The room is dark. There are clothes on the floor, old food on the table, and oatmeal from yesterday morning.

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