Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Michael Carrasco

I’m chillin in my living room. It’s not big, but is big enough for the whole family. The walls are sunset orange, with the sky blue ceilings, nice big screen T.V. with dark light violet couches. I am there with friends and family, getting ready to watch the soccer game. We have lots of snacks, bowls filled with Tostitos chips. Enough for the whole family, with the choice of salsa and cheese dips. On the side, are drinks; homemade lemonade and nice cold sodas.

I’m sitting in my favorite u-shaped couch in the “v” with the best view of the T.V. By my side there’s my brother-in-law and sister, Pablo and Yessenia. On my right side, my mom and my step dad, Martina and Mauro. On the end of the couch, is my other sister and her husband, Griselda and Victor. On the other end of the couch are some friends of Pablo’s. don’t know their names, but during the game, everybody is happy and screaming. All the guys are shouting and cursing because of the excitement. The girls yell whatever comes in their minds, when the other team is about to score on our team. It was like a one-on-one match between the goalie and the striker…and in this care, anything could happen.

The referee is not marking the fouls right, I think. Our team is dominating the game from the beginning and it feels good to watch our favorite players. We all get distracted because my mom ordered pizza, and the delivery guy knocks on the door, when our team scored the first goal. Everybody was screaming together at the top of their lungs, “Gooooooaaaaaaallll!!!!!!” Even the pizza guy shouted, “goal.” That was funny…I love chillin with my family like that.

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  1. I am so excited to discover new voices in the writing world! there is so much creativity and heart in these pieces, along with fresh details that bring the pieces and lives of the writers to life. Bravo to all! Keep writing and I will keep reading with interest and enthusiasm!