Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marbel Pereyra- Slocum Street Sleep

I’m walking down Slocum Street and I see a fire

Put it out with an extinguisher became my desire

I was crying for help like a barking dog

Then my cheeks grew big like a jolly green frog

I saw an opportunity, a cracked window

But I just kept walking until I got to Pindle

But then out of nowhere I heard a loud scream

I felt so guilty because I had fled the scene

So I tried to go back but all my lights went off

But I know I can make it like David Hasselhoff

I tripped and fell while the lady laughed

It made me angry “damn it I’m so mad!”

I was sleeping so deep but my alarm went off

Then I felt both my cheeks “oh my god, they’re soft”

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