Sunday, April 25, 2010

Craig Collymore

She is nice.
long hair
at her house


Craig Collymore
Narrative Poem

This morning I got stuck in school.
I’m in the cafeteria because I came too early to school.
And I am sitting in a chair.
People are behind me.
No teacher.
And I was sittin’ in a very uncomfortable chair.
8:50 the time all the way to 11 o’clock.
I was so bored.
My head down,
And it was quiet.
And then my hands on top and shoulders melt
on the table.
I couldn’t see anyone.
And I can hear whispering to people.
And there were other people.
I feel tired.
And fall asleep.
I watched TV late night,last night
I felt tired.
And go to sleep.

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