Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quwan Lawson- Falling

I remember falling off a bike going at top speed down Washington place in Englewood. I could hear the cycling of other bikes trying to beat me to the bottom of the hill. My shoelace was untied, and it went into the bike chain. My leg followed the chain. My foot got caught. The chain started to rip into my skin. I was going so fast when the chain halted. The bike started to move with me on it. I did some kind of maneuvers. I couldn’t see. There was so much motion. How could this happen to me? The bike hit the ground; my foot was twisted in it. I felt my leg-really really painful. There was blood rushing down my leg into my foot .I tried to get up, but I tumbled down because my leg was in so much pain. There was blood all over the street. My cousin was trying to get my shoelace out of the chain. I saw the white tissue under the layers of my skin. I was in shock. My leg was hurting very badly. My cousin removed my shoelace when he saw a car coming down the block. I saw the car coming too. It was getting closer and closer by the minute. I tried to stop the flow of blood with my shaking hand. I accidentally touched the cut, it stung and burned.
My cousin got on one knee, and he put my arm around his shoulder. He grabbed my torso and safely removed me from the street to the sidewalk. He sat me down on the curve. We limped back to my house while blood rushed from my leg. I felt myself wanting to tear, but i held it in. The accident left a four inch scar, and it reminds me that I can take whatever life throws at me.

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