Monday, February 28, 2011

You Would Know A Lot About Me by Keyana Fraser

You Would Know A Lot About Me
One lie I told is I don’t keep track of the lies I’ve said.
I lied about not keeping the light on at night.
When I was little I used to dream of an evil puzzest train that followed me through the evil town.
I have a deli corner store.
My favorite animals are cats and dolphins.
I love curry chicken and rice and meatloaf.
I am a sixteen year old Christian young woman who a lot of the time feels lonely or worried.
I love Jesus, my family, my sister in Christ, and my mom.
I am on anime and American cartoon artist.
I remember the time when I was little.
I was at the park with my aunt when I was three and she gave me a red icey.
I forfot some of the things I did in 2009.
If you really knew me you would know that when I get mad, I’m not so nice.
But I am a really nice girl, almost all of the time.

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