Friday, February 11, 2011

Light and Dark Collide in my Soul by Amber Lopez

Light and Dark Collide in my Soul

A moment when I still have dreams that
Light and dark collide in my soul.
The moment when my soul wishes for
a miracle to stop it but miracles
don’t happen here.
This is a frightening place where dark rage begins to win.
The moment when the warm welcoming
light begins to get swallowed.
This place is mysterious, it constantly
There is only one thing that stays
the same, the advantage the dark
What could bring me to such a horrible place?
What could bring me to such a horrible moment?
It’s the constant false promises and lies I find
myself surrounded by.
The place where it all begins is always the same.
It all begins in the only place I find comfort
but as soon as she walks in the comfort
Her kind eyes drag you in but it’s just part of the
The air around her warm and caring, it’s just another
trick to lure you in.
Her voice, the most venomous thing, implies she
cares, which makes the broken promises and lies
hurt the most.

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