Friday, February 11, 2011

A Piece of Me in This by Matthew McDuffie

A Piece of Me in This

I don’t remember
At all in my life
I have a secret
I never think twice
It’s like a six sense to me
It’s not a crime
I have another secret
That would carry me through
The end of time
I live near Junior’s corner store
That I use to go when I was a child
I haven’t been there
In a long while
My favorite animal is a Lion
I like its roar
My favorite food is my aunt’s Lasagna
It’s as hot as the earth’s core
I am what I was created to be
Which is me
I remember what I see
Being surrounded by family
I forgot who I am
I use to be energetic
But that’s what I will always be
If you really knew me, you will know
I will always be your friend, if you come or go.

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