Friday, February 11, 2011

The Perfect Two by Derrick Diaz

The Perfect Two

You are the one with the timeless beauty
the one I call my cutie.
You are my the one who keeps me on duty.You are a thief for stealing my heart
while no one else played a part
in the robbery
then it'll just be a mockery.You are the one I thought I'd never find
for being so kind
looks like I was just blind.You are the one to blame
since no others are in my brain.You won't believe what I'm about to do
I'm going scuba diving for you.You are the one the sun rises and sets for
so let's watch it together in the beautiful weather.You are the one who makes me better
I knew from the start I'm gonna get her.You are the one I want the world to see with me
to show them you are the reason I have dignity.You are my other half,
the one that always makes me laugh
and the one who taught me math
because apparently
It’s you + me
the perfect two.

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