Friday, February 18, 2011

Sucks Ya Couldn't Get to the Mall by Gerson (Hersin) Gutierrez

I don’t know why your winking
Or thinking
Or processing the blinking
But my words will have me
like Abraham Lincoln.
Go sit down and drink ya
Soda while ya biting on ya
and try to build a
boat without have it
Sucks ya couldn’t get to the mall
cuz ya gramm was sick.
Now ya gotta get to the mall
on ya pogo stick.
I’m gonna stop the row here
Now I say stop!
Flow my made freeze time
It made ya mouth drop.
And if im coming to ya house
You want to have to call the cops.
And if you downstairs
You’ll hear a ding dong or a knock
Jus wait around, and if you bored watch
the clock.
I get my words in the building
like a foot in a sock
or like a chip in a robot
or like a diseased monkey, who needs a flu shot.
So please don’t park ya car on the dock
because the car belongs in the basement 2nd floor lot.
My words will twist ya life around
You’ll wear ya shoes in ya socks!

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