Monday, February 28, 2011

Nice Job! Mr. President by Abdool Gaffoor

Nice Job! Mr. President

Dear President Obama,
I’m shy and don’t write poems,
But it’s not really hard to be shy-
If you really knew me, you would know poems bore me.
But I love fried chicken.
You probably eat
Kentucky fried chicken at the White House too.

I bet you’re happy, Mr. President.
I used to be happy too…
in the good old days in Guyana.
But I’m not with my parents.
They’re still in Guyana, and I’m in Englewood, NJ
with my grandparents.
I left my mom, dad, and one brother and one sister.
They asked me if I want to come back,
But I say “no.”
I want a better education.
You’re doing a good job with that education, Mr. President.

You’re doing a good job with everything,
But I keep forgetting to do my math homework.
I don’t actually forget, I just get so tired.
You know, when I come home from school,
I just crash.
You probably crash too.

Lion’s are my favorite animal cause
I love Reggae and Lion’s are a big part.
I pass Walgreen’s on Hudson Avenue,
Get my head phones there.
Bob Marley’s my favorite.

Poems are hard
I don’t like them cause they’re boring.
That’s it. That’s all I’m going to say.
But if I were to write something else.
I would say,
“Nice Job! Mr. President,”

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