Friday, February 18, 2011

To the Syracuse Orange Men’s Basketball Team by Shawn Dawkins

Dear Coach Boeheim
and the Syracuse Orange Men’s Basketball Team:

If you really knew me,
you would know that I love basketball.
I am a great at basketball.
I play shooting guard and small forward
I used to be tired running up and down the court,
but now I know how to pace myself.
I really don’t have secrets,
except I told my mother I took ten dollars when I didn’t.
I trust people.
On the basketball court I play my hardest.
I’m a big time defensive player.
When I’m in my zone;
I’m unguardable.

I’m always playing basketball, but
Sometimes I get candy at Nays and Pork Fried Rice on the Ave.
I forgot my basketball equipment yesterday,
had to use my gym shirt to practice in.
Coach wasn’t mad.
I still played the small forward position.
It’s good to have plays for the small forward, but you know that.
I’m at the foul line waiting for the ball to come.
I remember my first hoop.
I was practicing with my Mahwah team.
It was a foul shot.
The whole team was practicing,
and it felt so good to make it.

I’m a great basketball player, you would love my game.
I’m gonna have my head coach call you so you can see it.

Shawn Dawkins

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