Friday, March 25, 2011

I Forget…by Emily Dubon

I Forget...

I am unique. I have my own style of living. I am always wearing bright colors and I always try to remind people to smile. Sometimes during math, I take a yellow marker and write, “(smile) J “ and sign my name at the end. I love shopping T Marcia’s Attic. Singing is not something I enjoy singing, but it is in act I do a lot. I love buying cardigans that vary in color, size, and style.

I used to be a dreamer; a girl with big dreams that could only be done with the strength I cannot carry. I only have one true friend in life. He knows what I go through every day and knows what to expect from me. I trust him as much as he trusts me and no other friend gives me that kind of comfort that I could use.

I remember the time I first walked across the stage of Bergen PAC and played Pachabelle’s Cannon in D. I was nervous at first, but as I played the piece, I grew with excitement and didn’t want to stop playing until my strings were to wear out.
I love seafood. Seafood is very tasty, fresh, and has a very crisp taste. I prefer to eat it instead of meat or pork. It is also healthier. Not only do I love eating seafood, but I like seeing the many different species of fish that swim in the waters.

Sometimes I forget the reasons why I am who I am. I go through life forgetting who I am and what purpose I have living in this world.

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