Friday, March 25, 2011

LOL by Yornelis Tejada

Dear Shabria,
This summer I’m hoping we can hang out and go to Amber’s house you know by New Kelly’s on Hamilton. We should also go to the Zoo and see the pandas and penguins. They are so cute! Then we should go to a restaurant that my dad took me to, to eat deep fried ice-cream. By the way don’t forget we have a project due Friday. Remember it has to be colorful like me. That reminds me of when we first met, I was such a loser. We were fighting for a spot on line; it was so funny and random. I remember the lost love I found a few years ago, you know who it was. I found it really funny we had a crush on the same person. If he really knew me he would’ve known that I get heartbroken easily, but I’m really good at hiding it. OH MAN! I forgot my homework at home. Lol =D
Your friend,
Yornelis Tejada

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