Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Damon Albarn by August Richardson

Dear Damon Albarn:

If this were to impress you, I’d tell that I enjoy school. I am an up-coming drummer. Ironically, I can’t read music. Getting those fake band games from Gamestop isn’t helping. When it comes to drumming, I’m a vicious wolf. The only thing to fill this beast’s appetite is a heavy beat…or Top Ramen, whatever I found first. I’m pretty sarcastic. I told someone that I just adored poetry, and they signed me up for a contest. It’s not all bad. I came in first and won an iPod. The music pretty much gets me through the school day. Speaking of which, I was happy before getting into this school. I’d rebel, but my kind heart won’t let me. All this to say that I’m plenty unique…like you.

Your Up-Coming Rival,

Kerro B. Melancholy

P.S. I’m building a bond and we’re gonna give Blur and the Gorillaz a run for your money.

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