Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Self by Keyana Frasier

Dear Self,

I’m hoping that the negative things in your life will change.
I pray that you become stronger and smarter.
I pray that you grow in faith.
I wish I had more than just one friend,
Instead of a sea of acquaintances.
Two things that went well this year are: the birth of my first nephew,
And my mommy’s graduation.
Some things I like about myself are that I have pretty blue eyes, strange interest in music, and the size of my lips.
One thing I want to change about myself is my procrastination.
Some things I’m gonna try is to not let people put me down.
The best advice I was given is that you shouldn’t let people down.

I love you and pray the best for you. God bless.
Love always in Christ,

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