Thursday, October 20, 2011

War, the Untold Side by Brandon Lopez

War, the Untold Side

There is splattered blood on trees and grass. Houses are burning and fire raining down from the sky. Here we are. I, Ezio, stand here before you to say, “We are humans, not some swine used by the Gods.” Ezio shouts from the smoldering stump. A spear flies through Ezio’s head, skull and brain blast out with the arrowhead, more blood splatters over the faces of his troops. His lifeless body falls to the floor, like broken glass. A tall stark figure, muscles bulging out of his uniform, falls to his knees and prays, “We live by one rule, respect the CREED. In remembrance of my father, nothing is true; everything is permitted.’ He rises up, his blade up toward the sky looking to rip it apart. Soldiers cheer at the sight of him, as they follow Devi into battle.

As the fire rings down, they see them, the Gods: Hades-controller of the underworld, wielding his dog Cerberus. Aries-the god of war, with his demon wings protecting his body and brandishing his evil lance. Zeus-the God of Gods, holding nothing but thunder in his mighty hand. Trinity-the god of Destruction, holding his sword of doom, dripping the blood of the innocents he’s slain. Trinity as the brother of Zeus, he is half God, half Titan, but he is different from the other gods because he has the power to kill a Titan, and he wants to kill them all. Aries turns toward Trinity, “You stay here, and let the big boys fight these mortals.” Trinity’s eyes turn as if he could see through Aries. Fire, burning within, releases in streams out of his nostrils. His arms shaking, veins bursting out of his skin, and eyes as red as the fire of the underworld.

The fire continues to rain down; the gods show their wrath upon the world of the mortals. There is nothing there, but burning trees, buildings crumbling to the ground, and the sun imploding over all life. Looking across the battle field, the statues of the gods stand tall on the hills, the white marble untarnished by the waging war. Devi, still on the bloodies stump, says,
“Men, if this is the last time we fight together, let us make is mean something, let us slay the gods.” Devi, the perfect human specimen, with his huge muscles, bulging from his armor; his DNA made for the gods put into human form, stands ready to lead his father’s army to war. Devi thinks about his people. I must end this rain of the gods, and start the age of man. Devi looks at Zeus. Zeus turns toward Devi from across the field. They feel the electricity from inside- the can feel the war upon them. It is time.

The tremor was strong enough to sink Atlantis to its core. Trinity knows what's going on...what's about to happen. He sees the sky growing darker because the Titans so big, block the sun as it crumbles. His body is glued to the floor, not even quaking. Nothing moves him. They're here, he thinks. Zeus sees his family of Titans stomping their way to the battlefields. The earth's trembling took Zeus off balance. He looks up at the sky and wonders why?

Devi and his men shout out a warriors cry and raise their weapons over their heads. They run into the no man’s land, a fiery space, filled with rotten corpses and dead children. There isn’t a living thing around. Hades, Aries, and Zeus disappear. Devi and his men stop, then the gods seem to reappear in multitudes and circle around the men. Devi and his men feel like they are in the eye of a hurricane. Their heads shift left to right, right to left, from face to face trying to figure out who to attack. They see thousands of Zeus, thousands of Aries, and thousands of Hades. Trinity rushes in to the circle like the wind, spins around the circle, electrifying all the clones of the gods. Devi and his men fix their eyes on the real gods, as the clones turn to ash around, and float away with the wind. Zeus leads the gods into the battle, certain they will be triumphant. Devi and his men look at each other; more confused than before, as Trinity pierces Aries with is blade of doom. Aries’ heart implodes with dark black smoke and blood. The men can barely believe the sight of dead Aries. Never before has a god killed another god. He made it look easy. Devi and his men are in awe. They believe that they can win as they attack Zeus and Hades.

Zeus trembles as he watches Trinity rip the sword of doom from Aries’s body. He could feel is soul stir, as if his soul is being ripped out of him with his half brother’s sword. He lifts his arm. His finger stirs the clouds. Everything gets dark. There is only the glow of the fire burning inside of Zeus that sheds a light on his face. Thunder and lightning clash to form Zeus’s mighty weapon, his thunderbolt, the mightiest weapon that ever existed.

Zeus cries out, and thunder roars out of his mouth. He stomps his foot and rains lightning down on earth. Bolts of electricity burn Devi’s men. Blood oozes out of them as they are ripped apart. Hades roars and bashes the ground with his three headed dog, Cerberus. The earth shatters, as the souls of the damned escape from the underworld. Hellish thunder and fire rain down on Devi’s men. They agonize in pain. Trinity appears with his sword of doom, leaving a trail of blood behind him. Hades releases Cerberus to capture Trinity. He disappears. His mocking laugh echoes throughout the field, while Zeus continues to throw lightning bolts. The thunder crashes, drowning out Trinity’s laughter and the agonizing screams of Devi’s men. The only sound you hear from the field is winding BOOM.

Cyber bullying by LaDonnika Coleman-Whitlock

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying isn’t a good thing….
people that are bullying other people-
just want more attention on them….
They don’t care about other people’s feelings…
Victims are running away from home,
or not eating very well or killing themselves…
Cyber bullying is not right…
because when you’re talking about people
it gets out of hand and more dangerous….
Cyber bullying is no joke in any state….
bullying should stop now…
You can’t be friends with bullies….
After a while, bullying comes back to you
and hits you in the face.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I hear you Alye Pollack by Andre Jones

Hi Alye. My name is Andre! 
I saw your video at my school.
It was awesome on how you represented yourself
on your YouTube video.
I understand how you feel about being bullied. And you’re right—
Stop bullying- it will save lives.
Did you hear about Jamey Rodemeyer,
The 14 year old high school freshman,
Who committed suicide because
Kids were harassing him because he was homosexual.
That was very sad and sorrowful. 
But as for you, being called names since Sixth grade
…that’s AWFUL!

One question: Do you believe in those names they called you?

Look in the mirror- what do you see?
Do you know how special you are?
I don’t have to know you to know that you are truly epic.
I’ll tell you what I see in you.
A young girl,
Like a birthday present,
Bold as a wolf,
Smart as a fox,
Strong as a bull,
Beautiful as a blooming rose.

You say you have no friends…
I would want to be your friend.
People saw your video.
They are watching.
You are making a difference.

I don’t blame you for not liking the kids at school.
I don’t like all the kids at my school either.
One thing I learned about bullies-
they are jealous of you.
They want something you posses.
Don’t listen to them.
It’s what you think about yourself that matters.
Everyone is special in their own way.