Thursday, October 6, 2011

I hear you Alye Pollack by Andre Jones

Hi Alye. My name is Andre! 
I saw your video at my school.
It was awesome on how you represented yourself
on your YouTube video.
I understand how you feel about being bullied. And you’re right—
Stop bullying- it will save lives.
Did you hear about Jamey Rodemeyer,
The 14 year old high school freshman,
Who committed suicide because
Kids were harassing him because he was homosexual.
That was very sad and sorrowful. 
But as for you, being called names since Sixth grade
…that’s AWFUL!

One question: Do you believe in those names they called you?

Look in the mirror- what do you see?
Do you know how special you are?
I don’t have to know you to know that you are truly epic.
I’ll tell you what I see in you.
A young girl,
Like a birthday present,
Bold as a wolf,
Smart as a fox,
Strong as a bull,
Beautiful as a blooming rose.

You say you have no friends…
I would want to be your friend.
People saw your video.
They are watching.
You are making a difference.

I don’t blame you for not liking the kids at school.
I don’t like all the kids at my school either.
One thing I learned about bullies-
they are jealous of you.
They want something you posses.
Don’t listen to them.
It’s what you think about yourself that matters.
Everyone is special in their own way.

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